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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Eve

Just got back from seeing New Moon with Kevin, Jaimie, and Jadyn. I didn't even really like the first movie, but can't resist getting into the whole fanatical fun of it all! I thought the second movie was much better than the first. The slow parts are still sloooooow, but the action scenes are fun. And holy moly. I thought Edward was super cute in the first movie, but this time he kind of skeeved me out. The werewolves though...major hotness.

Wow. Did a 15-year-old girl just hijack my blog?

Um...anyway. So, yeah....I was just going to say that I'm attempting to make a pumpkin pie tonight. Kevin should be back with a pie crust any minute now, then I'll begin. Hoping it goes much better than my cookie mix attempt from earlier this week. Yikes.

So excited to grub tomorrow. I love Thanksgiving!


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