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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I decided to throw some cookies in the oven this evening using my favorite 'add an egg & butter' bag of cookie mix. So, I mix it up and comment to Kevin that they are on crack if they think this will make 36 cookies. I dollop out the dough and throw 'em in the oven. I flip on the oven light a couple minutes later and see melted cookies--no lie. Completely bewildered, I'm asking Kevin how I possibly could have screwed up easy bake cookies.

Then I pick up the bag.

And realize I only poured in half of the bag. Ugh.

We decide to take the cookies out and scrape the barely cooked cookies back into the bowl, add the other half and remix. The picture is the lovely chocolatey result. (writing this on my phone so picture will come later!)

They actually don't suck, but seriously...I can screw up anything in the kitchen. Anything.

In other news...saved 52% on our grocery bill tonight. Yay coupons!


BonnieAnn said...

You mean you didn't inherit your mother's cookie knack? Sad day.

Mmmm, Aunt Anna Chocolate Chip Cookies. Droooooooollll.