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Monday, July 2, 2007

It's a BOY!!!

Wow, how behind am I? We had our ultrasound a week ago and I'm just now revealing the exciting results. I blame a crashed computer. That and lack of scanner at the moment. Do you even know how much it pains me to be unable to post the ultrasound pics of our little bundle of joy wiggling around in his first pictures? Pains me. Seriously.

So, for now, you just have to accept the news in written form as I present it to you here. Our little baby is DEFINITELY a boy. And he was not shy about revealing that info to us. Of course, this new bit of info means the fun can definitely begin now. I'm going nuts with anticipation and can't wait to decorate the nursery, buy furniture, and start filling up the house with goodies for our baby B.O.Y.!!

In the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite nursery sets as far as bedding goes. I'm anti- anything typically made for boys so don't expect to see any cars, trucks, footballs, baseballs, or other "boy" friendly things. Blech! We'll probably be going with light blue, limeish/light green, and brown. Ahhh, much better!

By the way, you won't believe the next belly pic. This thing is getting BIG!
Pics to come soon, I promise!!