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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eviction date!

Wheeeee! That's all I can say about our life. It's moving fast lately. What else is new, right?

We went for our monthly visit to the high-risk specialist last Tuesday and learned that baby #2 is weighing in at 6lbs, 12oz. Um....that was at 35 weeks, people. So, when I went in for today's check-in with our OB, she thankfully informed me that we would probably need to attend to this matter sooner rather than later. She was planning on a 2-week early induction, but the hospital scheduling gods were not smiling down on us today. So, we are scheduled for an induction one week early, on Wednesday, September 15th.

Yep, that means that unless our little guy comes on his own before then, we have exactly 20 days until he arrives. Now, I have to say for the record that I predict he comes earlier. In fact, I feel like I'm racing him right now. Trying to outsmart his not-even-born-yet brain to finish everything before he can make it out. I also feel like I'm losing, but I'm trying anyway. Today, I learned that I'm already dilated 2cm and 50% effaced. I think I was 38 weeks with Riley before that happened and I was only 4cm when I actually went to the hospital in labor.

Am I making this clear enough here? Baby will be here...soon. My guess is the week of Labor Day. But that's just my motherly shot-in-the-dark.

In the meantime...

  • Kevin is scrambling to make headway on the latest renovation. Windows are going in Friday, granite, carpet, and a new pool liner are ordered, and the rest is up to Kevin. It's been a rough haul because life is one big doctor's appointment right now and Riley has been out of school all of August. 
  • Real Estate class...CHECK! Finished. In the nick of time. I'm turning in the last documentation for my application tomorrow morning and hopefully they'll process everything and I'll be able to take my test early-ish next week. (See what I mean about racing the baby!)
  •  Riley starts "school" again next week. Now, if we can just teach him to use the potty... 
  • Nursery finished? Not so much... I still need to wash baby clothes, bring the big baby gear down from the attic and reassemble it all, head to Babies R Us for a big shopping trip of all the necessities we no longer have, decorate the nursery, install the car seat, pack for the hospital, etc., etc., etc. I guess it's true what they say about second children. Pretty sure I had all of this finished by the time I was 6 months pregnant with Riley. Now, we'll probably be tossing the car seat in the trunk on the way out the door timing contractions and grabbing some extra clothes from the laundry room.  
  • And what else...oh yeah, we are buying another house! And this one, we're planning on living in. Yes, that's right. The Millers are moving again. This one deserves a whole post on its own, so please stand by and hold your breath while I fulfill that empty promise! It's an amazing house in one of my favorite neighborhoods. Maybe we'll never move? Doubtful...I've quit even kind-of believing that at this point. But, it's a great, great house and I can't wait to renovate it and move in. Oh yeah, and sell this one with a 3-yr-old and a newborn. Sweet. The chaos continues...
I'll leave you with a random picture from our family vacation that now seems like a million long years ago:
Riley and Kevin roasting marshmallows at the resort (they did this every night--the resort, not us).
Here's what may actually be the only pregnant picture I've posted this time around (have I mentioned this has gone quickly?)
Riley, mom, and baby in utero...7 months pregnant.
And while we're at it...here's a picture of Riley Bug at his dad's birthday get-together. He loved bowling!