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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do I know how to leave you hanging or what?

Last week we had our much-anticipated visit at the perinatal center. I have to say those were some of the coolest ultrasounds ever. Extremely high-resolution and awesome to see the baby so clearly (and we got some 3D peeks which I'll share!)

The news is that we do have the two-vessel cord that they thought we did. I guess the official name is Single Umbilical Artery. Basically, umbilical cords are supposed to have three vessels, one feeding the baby and two taking away waste. We only have one of each. The complications from this can be zero or bad. Usually though, they end up being slight. According to both of our doctors, the most common complication can be low birth weight. Another common complication are urinary tract problems that have to be corrected after birth.

But, like I said, most times the problems don't exist. Our ultrasound looked good. The baby is still measuring a week ahead and everything appears great. The only problem they saw is some possible fluid in the kidneys. But, it is too early to tell if it's actually problematic or just normal waste showing up in the ultrasound. So again, lots of monitoring.

Again, the doctor sounded positive. Although the two-cord and kidney issue could indicate something serious as Downs, he didn't think it was an issue for us (we've had other testing done in this pregnancy that has come back negative on any abnormalities). He didn't think the markers were strong enough to recommend an amniocentesis, so we took that as another positive.

Basically, it's too early to tell much. We'll have regular ultrasounds and monitoring from here on out and that means lots of looks at our little guy, which is great! From this end, pregnancy has finally smoothed out and is mostly a non-event. The baby moves much and often which given our "special circumstance" is super-duper reassuring.

(Did I mention this particular condition affects only 1% of pregnancies...aren't we lucky?!)

So....that's that! I hesitated even talking about this on the blog, but since this blog has been the major journal of our life activities, I knew I'd want to remember what we were going through with this now. Plus, I truly think everything will be just fine. Just one more thing for an already stress-prone person to deal with. I'm dealing. Thank God for Kevin. There's a reason I'm married to the calmest person on the planet.

Oh yes, and we have a name...but aren't sharing just yet! :-x

Friday, May 7, 2010

Boy, oh boy!

Thought I would come back and officially reveal the gender verdict (although I'm sure most of you have already been informed in one of our many ways of communication)...

As though the title didn't give it away--it's a boy. Yep, another one! Pretty much everyone we know was assuming baby dos would be a girl. This wasn't a feeling I ever shared. The first time around I assumed girl and was wrong. This time, I had literally no gut instinct about it. I'm good with two little boys--great, actually. I loooove little boys. Hell, I love big boys. I love the idea of Riley having a brother to share life with and for them to play together and cause all kinds of ridiculous trouble. Plus, I love the idea of continuing to be the only woman in the house! I can't help it. ;-)

Does this mean we'll try to get Kevin his much-coveted daughter with a third baby? We'll see how two feels first!

Here are the obligatory ultrasound shots. Remember Riley's? You can see them here. And here are the shots of baby boy #2. (Who, by the way, is still measuring a week ahead!)

On a kind of scary note, we have to go in for a high-level ultrasound at a specialty perinatal center in about a week-and-a-half. There was a possible complication that showed up on the ultrasound and going in to take a closer look will give our doctor much better insight about what may or may not be going on. I know, I'm being vague. I'm trying my best to not give this possible complication much energy, all the while thinking about it mostly constantly. I have faith that all will be fine, but I'm also counting down the days until that appointment. Why is it the appointments you want to go to the most are the always the furthest away? Damn specialists.

Let's see...in non-baby news.

We're still trucking along on selling the flip. We've had a decent amount of showings and some talk of possible offers coming in. I think it will sell sooner than later. Also, trying to buy another house with seriously little luck. We've had to compete on the last three houses we've tried to buy. Multiple offers on every one! Hard to steal a house that way for sure. But, we'll find another project soon. And I'm soon to begin on that real estate license so we can save some major commission on future buying/selling. Our long-time Realtor just jumped ship to Colorado so the timing is perfect. Kevin is busy signing up for summer construction classes and Riley is finishing up his last couple weeks at school before summer is officially here. Woo-hoo...I think it will be a good one!