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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meeting Thomas

We headed to the Oklahoma Railway Museum to meet the one-and-only Thomas the Train! (Can I just say that Thomas is the most boring cartoon ever?!) We wanted to take Riley for a big-boy day of fun that had nothing to do with his little brother. (Trying to make him feel special!). It was fun and a gorgeous fall day. We followed it up with a lunch trip to Pops...yum. I will use any excuse to head to Pops. Here are some pictures of our super-cool outing:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

One month

Remember this kid?

Well here's his "little" brother in his very own one-month-old picture! How has it already been a month? Who am I kidding, he'll be six weeks old on Monday. It goes so fast...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby on board!

Super timely with this post...what can I say? Life with a newborn.

I'm sure this is old news to most of our blog followers, but we do, in fact, have another Miller in our lives! Asher Britton was born at 10:18 am on Monday, September 13th!

Remember that huge baby we were supposed to have? Ours turned out big, but not huge. He came out a very respectable 7lbs, 15oz (one tiny little ounce away from 8lbs!) and 20 inches long. His head was off the charts big though, so I can't say I'm sad that my pelvis didn't have to deal with that. ;-)

Delivery was quick and went great. I went in early for prep and then it seemed like it was suddenly time. I walked into the surgery room, Kevin stayed next door and put on his scrubs while they did my spinal anesthesia. When I was ready to go, they let him in and a few minutes later they were cutting me open to retrieve our babe.  

The c-section was a whole other beast compared to the first time around. I can see the pros and cons of both ways, but I have to say, I did enjoy knowing exactly what was going to happen. The actual c-section was weird, weird, weird. No pain at all, but when they pushed on my chest to get Asher out, it was very intense. I thought my chest would cave in for sure! And then there was the non-stop shaking. I had shaking the first time too, but this time it would not let up at all. It was strange. The anesthesiologist kept asking me to try and think about holding my arm still so they could take my blood pressure. Afterwards, I got to listen as Asher cried, and Kevin watched, and I was repaired. Then onto recovery and finally getting to hold our baby!

I guess I should type out my entire birth story so I can remember it two years from now when this all seems like a good idea again, but I don't think I have the time! I have one kiddo asleep, one hanging out next to me and that means I'm holding my breath for lots of activity at pretty much anytime. I'm slowly getting the hang of mothering two boys, but it's hard to have the confidence! Healing from the c-section was a good first step.

Asher is the best baby ever! He has the sweetest personality and is as close to an easy baby as we could have hoped for. Just a doll. Riley is sloooooowly adjusting and the behavior problems are starting to present themselves lately. Poor thing, I know it is a huge adjustment for him, but holy smokes! We may be working on breaking his spirit just a wee bit...

I know there is so much more to say, but I'm going to be satisfied with writing this much out without any major breakdowns from children. Here are a few pictures from our hospital photo session. Official newborn pics coming soon...they are out-of-this-world fantastic.

Tired, but happy...that's our life right now. Love. My. Boys. (all three of them.)