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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bound and determined to get the five month picture up before he's six months! So...here are the pictures from Asher's five-month photo shoot. Asher has rolled from belly to back, but only a few times and not so consistently. He just HATES being on his belly. Weighing in at 20lbs, it must be hard for him to roll. It's hard to carry him, I can tell you that. No sign of teeth yet, but he is loving the little amounts of rice cereal he's getting lately. Also, he's sleeping unswaddled--one of my favorite mom milestones with both boys!

Here's Riley at the same age:

Things are picking up steam around here! Closing on our latest flip very, very soon. Busy picking out finishes for our next flip (the one we're going to live in) and super duper busy being a Realtor. I'm showing houses, selling houses, and it's crazy fun. Although I'm learning that there are no days off. So much for my life of leisure... Wait, did I have that?

Here are some pictures from one of our blizzards...Gotta love Oklahoma! Riley is so much fun right now. He's so hilarious. Today, I was asking him what was wrong with a car that was in my way. His response? "Get off the phone and drive, people!" Awesome.