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Friday, July 23, 2010

A quick recap

Hanging on by a thread here when it comes to keeping up with the bloggity-blog! Why, oh why, aren't there more hours in the day... So, we're 31 weeks into a supposedly 40-week pregnancy and safe to say we are freaking out trying to get things done! Time is suddenly RACING by. This time around everything has gone so fast. Actually the entire last year of life has been insanely quick. Where did the time go?

I'm clicking out this post while Riley sits across the table from me polishing off some spaghetti and grapes before nap-time. That's to say, it will be a quick one. But, this is the only way I have of documenting the happenings of our insanity. It must be done!

With that said, here are bullet points about our crazy lives... Someday maybe I'll have enough time for a really great update, complete with pictures. There are so many good ones to share! 

1. We've been home for about a week from a fantastic family vacation to San Antonio! It was long-coming and very needed. We really wanted to have a special time with just Riley and us before the new kiddo comes along so it was all about Riley, Mom, and Dad. We spent about 6 days away at an amazing resort in San Antonio called the Hyatt Regency Hill Country. Check it out...it was awesome. 4 pools, sand beach, lazy river, nightly smores and outdoor movies. It was a kid paradise and incredibly family friendly! I will be posting pics from it because it was great. Uncle Jimmy flew down  for one our days there to take us to Sea World. He has a great pass gifted to him Southwest Airlines that got us in for free and even discounted all of our food and souvenirs! We are soooo grateful to him! That day was a blast and after we saw him off to the airport that afternoon, we went to our room and crashed as a family until late in the evening. Okay, this was a long bullet point. The trip was great. Especially because of the Prime Outlets in San Marcos. Three words: Pottery Barn Outlet.

2. Our flip sold! The house is Piedmont, after MANY delays, finally closed on the final day of our vacation. Sweet relief!

3. The next house is underway. Our newest project is underway and should be a good one. We had signed on to buy two more but one had some major expenses tied to a trashed room. So, when the bank started having title issues, we took it as a sign and decided not to buy.

4. Kevin just had a birthday---Happy 34th Birthday to the best husband and dad I can imagine!

5. Still chugging away on the real estate class...I have exactly one month from today to finish. Gulp.

6. Our two-corded baby is doing well. To say he's thriving is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I'll be more specific. He is measuring SIXTEEN DAYS AHEAD of his Sept. 22nd due date. He already weighs 4.5lbs and the doctor says if all goes as normal from here, he's likely to be 9.5lbs+ at birth. IF he stays in until the due date. All I can say is he is he's not allowed. You know, it's funny. The biggest risk with the two-corded baby is a low birth weight. I guess our little (big) guy laughed in the face of that one! Just to be safe, I'm planning on being ready for his arrival by the beginning of September.

7. Big boy room for Riley is underway! Kevin is making an insanely awesome bed for Riley based on plans we found on Knock-Off Wood. (Do you know about this site? Check it out, if not. It's incredible.) There will most definitely be a post about my husband's kick-ass skills in the wood-working dept.

Those are the major life-happenings as of this moment. I'll be back soon with some fun pictures. Nursery pics, big-boy bedroom pics, bed pics, life pics. I have the world's fullest memory card ever.