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Sunday, August 26, 2007

A look at wiggly Riley!

Saturday was a big day for us! We finally got to see a sneak peek of our little man at our first 3D/4D ultrasound (held at A Miracle Within Ultrasound in Edmond--so great!). It was so exciting to have everyone there to glimpse our boy. (Thank you so much for coming!!!)

What we found out... Riley is quite the fan of moving around and is also a bit camera shy. Apparently, he's breech right now (which makes seeing him much more difficult) and not only that, he also loves to hide from the "camera." He spent most of the ultrasound hiding in little pockets so we didn't get the best pics ever. And in most of them he looks like he's squishing his little face up against a window.

Doesn't matter though! We can still tell that he's cute enough to keep and we got a great look at some already chubby cheeks --and it's early for them to be that chubby! We're returning in about a month and a half for another look and I'm already counting down the days. The ultrasound tech assured us that it will be whole new experience next time.

Here are the pics! (I think you can click on them to see them bigger)

This first one is probably my favorite because it's a profile and you can see his cute little nose and chin and the curve of his chubby cheek. Love it!

This one is a straight on look at his round little face. His nose is right there in the middle (in case you can't figure out what you're looking at).
He's kind of squished up in this one, but I think it looks like he's smiling. Maybe that's just wishful thinking...
I put this one on here because his hand is up by his face. And his lips are kind of puckered.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Does this baby make my belly look big???

Yeah, so guessing about a whether or not a woman is pregnant is a scary, scary thing. I get that. But I swear, if a stranger didn't comment on my hugely growing bump soon, I thought I was going to lose my mind! Everytime I went out on some baby mission, I would proudly sport my belly and hope that I would get some stranger comment or question, but time after time I was denied.

At Hobby Lobby, buying patterns for the nursery bedding, from the cashier: "OH! Who's having a baby?"

At Baby Gap, checking out the unending cuteness that are baby clothes: "Did you need help picking out a gift?" followed by (from another person, mind you), "Can I get you a gift receipt?"

At Target starting Riley's registry: "Are you registering for a wedding?

You get the idea. I was feeling less and less pregnant and more and more like an overweight girl with a hefty appeitite. Did these people really see me as nothing more than pudgy? Couldn't they see the glow? The motherly patting of my protruding abdomen? My obviously overjoyed disposition?

I say all of this, because the time finally arrived that a stranger commented! Last Friday, I was out shopping for Mr. Riley (again!) and after circling the store for the 20th time, made my way to the checkout.

As my items were being scanned and bagged, the lady behind me spoke up: "Isn't it so fun shopping for them? There is just so much cute stuff to buy!" I replied that I needed to calm down with the buying but that I just couldn't help myself. She asked if this was my first and sent me on my way with a "I hope the rest of your pregnancy is great and good luck."

Ahhhh.... could I have been happier leaving that store? It made my week. I finally felt like I was part of the club. An official mom-to-be spoken to by a complete stranger. Confident my belly was now a bump, I couldn't wait to enjoy a big meal....I am, you know, eating for two. ;-)

P.S. Entering week 25. Things are good on the pregnancy front (although moving around is getting a little more difficult!). Our doctor's visit last week went well and I found out that I've gained 22 pounds since the beginning of this fun adventure. Everything is still perfect with the baby and he's measuring precisely on schedule. Next visit I get my screening for diabetes and get to drink some kind of sugar-infused loveliness. I'm including yet another bump photo. I swear at some point I will become too self-conscious for this, but it hasn't happened yet...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's been a loooooong time....

(Kev and me on the day of the big ultrasound!)

Oh. my. gosh. I have little excuse for the lapse of time since the last blog entry, but that won't stop me from listing a couple before diving into baby fun. Kevin and I moved in early July and that made life a little insane.... Okay, a lot insane. After that, we found out that our beloved crashed computer was a ruined computer. Yep, completely fried. Many weeks and a new Toshiba later and we're back in business. I VOW to be a better mom-to-be blogger and can only hope there are still a few people out there checking for updates.
With that said, on to business!

I was finally reunited with my scanner and now I can share the pictures of my adorable boy on the day we found out his gender.
Here are a couple of side profile shots.

Here are his little feet crossed at the ankles. You are looking at the bottom of his feet. Look at those toes!

And the money shot.... He was NOT a shy about showing us his bits and pieces. If you didn't catch it, follow the arrow that the ultrasound tech so helpfully added. ;-)

Other news? His name! We've decided to name him Riley. (Yes, we love Keith and Natasha that much!) I never realized how hard boy names were until we tried to decide on one! Riley was one of the few names we actually agreed on and somehow, it just stuck.

Little Riley-Roo is just kicking like crazy at all hours of the day and night. I can't complain though. It's pretty much the best feeling ever. All I do is think about him and what he must look like and what kind of personality he will have. So far, he has a wiggly personality.
There's been so much time since my last post that there's a ton of news. In the hopes that I'll keep you reading, I'm going to save some of it for next time. Before I conclude though, I gotta share a bump pic. I can't believe how my tummy is growing. It's weirdness. Peep this pic and compare it to the first one I posted. The funny thing is that I thought I looked pregnant in the first one...

We're over halfway through this journey and it blows my mind! I'm at 23 weeks, 2 days!
I can't wait to see what the next few months bring.... :-)