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Friday, July 10, 2009

The heat is on.

Interrupting life for a very quick blog briefing. It's a billion degrees in Oklahoma. Life-sucking, humid summer is full effect. I'm expecting to stay this way for pretty much ever at this point, but, I'm not a meteorologist, so back to us.

Everything is staying super busy in post-boot camp life. I was worried about how I'd keep up my regimen after the super intense month of camp. And the verdict is....I've definitely taken it down a notch. But, I'm trying to stick with things for the most part.

To that end, Kevin and I signed up for this:

My very first 5K. Gulp. This is inspired by the greatness that is Jaimie and her 5K running this year. She has been kicking some major tail with multiple 5Ks and after boot camp, I decided to join her. Yay for us!

Keep in mind, that I SUCK at running. Suck. But after the last month, I know I can do anything I want to do and so we've been running. The big loop around our neighborhood is 1.75 miles. It's kind of amazing to me that I can run that, but I really can. No one said I was running it fast, but I'm running it. So, I have two weeks to up my game to the full 5K distance.

It's a great feeling considering just a little over a month ago I was chugging along just attempting to run my mile for bootcamp. Made it about a half-mile before wishing for a nicely placed bolt of lightening to put me out of my misery. Then, pretty much walked the rest. I'd call this an improvement.

I've also managed to lose another 3lbs post-BC. Not sure how...maybe I'm losing that muscle already...sigh. That puts me at -15 for the last 6 weeks. Sweet.

We had an amazing Fourth of July with friends and family. I am so going to miss this house next Independence Day. The craziness of this neighborhood and our people is indescribable. It is pretty much my favorite holiday. Great times.

Next up....I'll show you the house on which we submitted an offer and tell you about the new adventure Riley has coming in September.

But before that, stay tuned for a very, very exciting post about Kevin and his Father's Day present. Because tomorrow, Kevin skydives.