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Monday, November 23, 2009


Today we're experiencing a little bit of birthday hangover... Not even the booze-induced kind! We had such a fun and whirlwind weekend and now that it's all over, we can't make ourselves do much of anything.

The party was so, so, so awesome. I loved it and it was definitely pretty great considering I threw it all together in just over a week. I have pictures coming your way soon. Hopefully, tomorrow.

We STILL have balloons to deflate, decorations to store away and floors to sweep. There are newly assembled toys all over the living room and leftover treats on every countertop. BUT, we likely aren't going to touch much of it tonight. We gobbled down some take-out earlier, stopped by Blockbuster, and now we're going to nestle in on the couch and enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet and each other.

I mean really, we only have a few days until a whole new type of insanity begins...