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Monday, November 9, 2009


Today was like a huge exhale for me. I finished up some loose ends on my last assignment that being sick had postponed. Today was the first day without a billion work-related things to do. I felt like I could think about something else in life. It's a great feeling.

Don't get me wrong. There's still plenty of work to do. In fact, I need to get busy on that amazingly large tourism gig I'll have going on throughout November and probably December. That's the plan. But, it's a relaxed job. And I can start to catch up on life. And that makes me happy.

So, what's with the weird picture?

It's a new goal. And what is life without new goals, right?

I'm hoping I can be good at this one. Because if I am, it will save us money and that is something we could use a little more of right about now.

I've been hearing about tons of my friends and acquaintances becoming super couponers. I guess it's a new thing enhanced by plenty of blogs from successful coupon geniuses. In fact, one of the biggest blogs out there is from a girl I went to high school with who has turned couponing into an empire. Pretty awesome, actually.

Let's be clear: I have none of those aspirations.

I don't even know if I can do this half-way successfully. But it sounds fun to try and why the heck not, right? So, we're giving it a go. And we'll see what happens.

Maybe we'll suck at it. Maybe it will take too much time. Or, maybe we'll save some good coin. And take that free vacay to Vegas after all....