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Sunday, June 7, 2009

On the wagon.

Here I am, at the end of week one--or the beginning of week two. I can't believe I already have a week under my belt! Wait, who am I kidding. I totally can. It was a loooong, haaaard week. It's been good though. And there are no signs of me jumping ship yet. Not even when I read this in an email from my instructor. (Did I mention we get daily emails? They rule.)

So, anyway. On Saturday morning, this is the lead sentence of our email:

Today’s Mission: As we move into the weekend remember we ask that you remove the alcohol you drink. You will not know how alcohol affects you unless you remove it for any length of time, like 30 days. Alcohol is metabolized like fat in the body, it very calorie dense and can affect your athletic performance for up to five days not to mention it dehydrates you, makes you feel terrible the next day and makes you crave fatty foods. YIKES!

To be clear, I have studied nutrition and fitness in grad school and these are all things I know. But, if I could follow the advice I know to be true, why would I be in a $300 a month boot camp?

Furthermore, I am no lush.

I don't even really drink that often. Especially considering the amount I used to drink in my "prime." But lately, it seems that beer has been making a welcome appearance into some of my evenings and weekends.

A super-chilled bottle of Miller Lite and lime? A refreshing period on the sentence that is my day.

And now, to say goodbye to it. It saddens me. Not only that, but even after bootcamp, this short paragraph will haunt me. I will picture each drink permanently finding a home on my ass. Sad, indeed. I just don't know if I will ever view liquid carbs the same again.

This wasn't even what this post was supposed to be about. Depressing or funny? Can't decide. So, now that I've rambled about the booze. I leave to begin week two. Maybe tomorrow I can come and talk about what I actually meant to talk about tonight...and that subject was--and is--food.

Stay tuned my virtual sufferers. There is a lot more where this came from.


Susan said...

Is it sad that your entry about how bad beer is made me want a beer desperately? I swear there is something in me that makes want really, really, really bad what I'm told I can't have.

I can't believe you've already completed week one. You're doing great!
P.S. I intend to ask about red wine. lol

Anonymous said...

I want a Miller Lite now, thanks.
juli xxx