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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Food is for the weak.

(one of my favorite meals. Egg-white omelette, veggies, cheese &
a Morning Star veggie pattie. Soo, delish. I feel like it should be really bad for me. I love it.)

I know, I know. Every post about boot camp. Bear with me. Like I said before, I'm cracked out right now. So, food. A huge part of our program is an eating plan that we have to follow for the 30-day program. It's not a 'diet' so much (In fact, I feel like I'm eating all of the time), but it's a definite switch from everyday eating.

We eat six times a day. Basic good-for-you foods in small quantities.

Small as in, serving sizes are:

Size of your palm (no fingers, palm only) = MEAT

1/2 of a fist = CARB

Cupped handful = VEGGIES/FRUIT

I have done amazingly well on eating and I thought it would be the hardest part for me. We get one splurge meal a week and that meal was the only time we've eaten out in the last two weeks. That has to be some kind of record.

I think the only thing that made this possible for me was a LOT of preparation. One of the biggest ways to fail on diets is not having things ready to go. Ready to grab. Ready to devour at a moment's notice.

Eating 6 X a day can take a lot of time if those meals aren't easy. I spent about one-and-a-half hours at the beginning of week one preparing my meals for this week. I cut up fruit, veggies, made my own trail mix portioned out
servings My fridge and freezer were (and are) completely packed with serving sizes of lots of healthy, approved food. If I can open the fridge and grab it, it makes following the plan pretty simple.

(I should also note that I worked out-of-the-house three days this week and still managed to follow this no problem. I took a insulated bag to work with tons of snacks and meals and just noshed the day away. Having things already divided up made this so much better.)

If you know me at all you know that I don't put things on the fridge. It's one of my OC ticks. I can't help it. But, for this one month. I'm making an exception. Now I have these three things on my fridge, always:

  • Category list. What qualifies as proteins, carbs, etc. This gives me suggestions if I'm trying to piece together a meal from all of my options.
  • Snack list. Again, suggestions of what I can grab. Some of my favorites: yogurt with trail mix and fruit; string cheese, wheat crackers and raw veggies; cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes & crackers. I could go on. I really do like so much of this stuff. (Riley added his own artistic touch to my list!)
  • A shopping list. This starts out as just a piece of paper. I add things as I run out so when it's time for the weekly shopping trip, I'm ahead of the game. (Can't actually "see" the list here, but it's there--trust.)
I'd also suggest avoiding restaurants. Even most of the "healthy" stuff is really bad for you. And wear out your freezer. Work it. Make it earn its keep. Our freezer is STOCKED with berries, fruit, veggies, trail mix. Anything and everything. Then, when my fridge stock is done, I can transfer some over. This really extends the life of the fruit/veggies I buy and I don't have to head to the store as much.

I don't consider myself an expert by any means. These are really just my tips from my last two weeks. Things that have made turning my diet completely around a little bit easier.

I'm sure I have more, but this is much longer than I thought it would be and if you aren't actually interested in this kind of info, you're probably asleep by now. I promise if anything else blog worthy pops up, you'll be the first to know.


Lopez said...

I suspect that the eating portion of this whole boot camp is going to be the most difficult. I'm not half as organized as you are...but hope to make it work out in my favor anyway.

I had 4/6 of my meals planned for today...the last two, well, gonna wing it...but i'm not happy about that.

I don't like healthy. Which is why I am at my current weight/body shape. damn metabolism...

Susan said...

As it happens, i'm extremely interested in this, so i read the entire thing. I dont' have food stocked up for a week. I prepped the night before. I'll see what I do tonight to get ready for tomorrow.

Susan said...

hey, you reminded me, I need to get that sausage. Try the morningstar spicy black bean patty. they're awesome too.

Hey...day two was awful. Are you SURE it gets better??? Girl, I do NOT know how you do that in teh heat. I can't do heat it all. It would sap about 30 to 40 percent of my stamina.