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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life moves pretty fast...

If you don't stop and look around every once in a while, you might miss it.

This is pretty much the story of our lives right now.

Between boot camp, house-selling, moving the restaurant, working, seeing friends, and trying to keep our son in one piece. Yep, we're beat. It's good though. Things are good. Thankful for that.

We're having a fun summer and the weekends are pretty much full until around, oh... August-something. Maybe beyond.

Last weekend included an awesome bouncy birthday party, Father's Day, and checking out a neighborhood where my mom plans to build a house (y-a-y!). Assignments are coming in like crazy so I've been working constantly (a good thing) and Kevin is going nuts trying to find a place to put the restaurant (after the first location we picked fell through this week). It's insanity, folks.

Perhaps our biggest news--and oh-my-god-I-can't-even-believe-I-haven't-posted-this-before-now (I blame Facebook), but WE GOT A CONTRACT ON THE HOUSE. Yippee! Well, kind of yippee. Don't get me wrong. This is good news. Great news in the big picture of everything. But, it isn't the most ideal of situations.

Last week we had about 4 or 5 showings within 3 days. It was nuts. And I mentioned it to maybe one person. We were at that point. Done. Done. Done. And it didn't really matter if I mentioned showings because after 5 months I had lost all hope anyone would buy our house--ever. But, the bright side of those showings were that two of them were second showings. As in, they liked it here. They might even like it enough to...buy it.

After the second showings, we found out that one set of people passed. We were top three for them. We lost. Boo. The other set liked it. Alot. They were checking out comps and deciding what to do. What they decided to do was submit an offer.

A less-than-stellar offer.

Two rounds of negotiating later, we came to an agreement. With a few catches. One catch? Our agent cut her commission to practically nothing. (A bonus of using her for 8 transactions in 5 years.) Second catch? We'll actually be losing a little bit of money to make this happen. (I feel like we'll gain it back in no time w/ smaller mortgage payments, less interest, etc. Kevin? Not so pleased.). Third catch? They have a house to sell in Tulsa. Boo. No other way around that one. Just boo.

So, we have a contract and a closing date is set for mid-August. But, until they have a contract on their house, we continue to market and try to get another contract. So, although we're finished--we aren't.

Never-ending much? It's okay. We've made it this far. I call this home stretch. We'll be headed out later this week to check out some houses. Maybe we'll find something amazing. And maybe it will all work out after all. And even if it doesn't (god forbid and knock-on-wood), I hope we can slow down just enough to watch it all happen.