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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Andrea got her groove back.

(Me with my graduation shirt! Took this as soon as I got home.
Silly picture, but I was really this happy!)

I did it! 30 long, hard, disciplined days in 100+ degree weather. But, I did it. I finished my first round of boot camp. I could not be happier.

I went from an out-of-shape mess to an in-much-better shape mess. I learned to look forward to the nightly torture and remember why I love fitness. I started the first night scared, left in tears, and slowly worked my way up from there.

I wrote down everything I ate for the month in my book (see below). Jotted notes about how I felt before/after workouts. Didn't cheat and enjoyed every splurge meal I was allowed.

(my sad little logbook after a month of living with me)

(sample pages of all of my logging)

We had our final PT test tonight. So happy with the results. Especially considering where I started just 29 days ago.

PT TEST: (each is timed for a minute)
PUSH-UPS (facilitated): First day, 14
Last day, 50 (whoa.)
TRICEP PRESSES: First day, 51;
Last day, 61
SIT-UPS: First day, 24;
Last day, 36
LONG RUN (1 mile): First day, 13:08 (I couldn't run the entire mile.)
Last day, 10:22 (ran in crazy humidity, but at least I ran.)

INCHES LOST: 7 (including 4 in my waist!)

Attend every workout....yes!
Run entire mile....yes!
More energy...oh, yes!
Fit in summer wardrobe....might need a new, smaller one. ;-)

In summary: Am I where I want to be? No. But this past month has been a really great jump-start. And more importantly, it got me out of a funk that had been brewing for months. It was just what I needed, exactly when I needed it (although I wouldn't have been opposed to needing it in 70-degree weather). I am sad my month is over and wish I could do another....maybe in September. I WILL do this again at some point. It just works too well.

Here's to Jaimie and Susan who are trucking through their first month--and officially more than halfway finished. I'm so proud of them and can't wait to see them reach their goals. You can do it!

And one more thing--just to prove I have absolutely no shame--my horribly scary before and fairly decent after pictures. Please don't judge too harshly. Remember, this is a jump-start. I'm still on my way! (Although not bad for 4 weeks, right?!)


Hoo-yah, people....hoo-yah! Boot camp--over and out.


Susan said...

OMG you look awesome! You are ROCKIN' those abs, girl!!!

Gotta love the core workouts.

I loved reading your neat writing in your log book. That's just so you.

This is so encouraging. I told the class I went to last night about your 12 lb weight loss. The class was HOT, but not as bad as I thought. It was Day 1 at a new location that included hills and lots of running...I believe they're called "suicides". ugh.
I was so busy trying to keep my lungs from bursting I didn't even notice the heat!

Okay, well, I'm excited by your stats. One of my goals is to run a mile without stopping.

Can't wait to see you Saturday.

Lopez said...



Anonymous said...

AWESOME WORK!!! SO PROUD!! NOW ... I need to set down the tostitos and follow your lead!