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Friday, June 12, 2009


It's official. I'm totally addicted to bootcamp. Every day I'm less anxious to go and more excited. And every night when it's over, I'm less tired and more impressed by my abilities. I can already do so much more than I could less than two weeks ago. I'm running better, doing more, less sore in the mornings. Clothes are getting loose. I can feel my muscles. I'm eating fantastically well (haven't cheated once!) and the energy is kicking in big time.

It's pretty. freakin'. awesome.

I mean, I even kicked a homerun in our final kickball game (which was an hour after that night's bootcamp session). I almost died of happiness right there on the field.

In fact, I'm now experiencing a different kind of scared. I'm scared about what the heck I will do once this month is over. How will I keep this intensity up on my own? I'm finding myself thinking about how I could possibly do another month, both financially and time-wise. I'll see how I'm feeling at the end of next week and the final week. Maybe that need to continue this insanity will wane.... For now, bootcamp is my crack and I love the high.

So, next week brings Jaimie and Susan into the mix as they begin their 5:30 A.M. class of the same program. I cannot wait to have two fellow "soilders." I can't wait to hear about how the first class goes and if they feel like I did. I want to know what they did and how many people were there and all of those obsessed questions that crackheads need answered.

Next week also brings buddy night on Thursday. That's the night that friends/family can come experience a night of our workouts. Kevin is sooooo going to be there. Is it horrible that I hope it kicks his butt?


Lopez said...

Fellow soldiers. I love it!

Thursday is our homework day...and I'm already looking forward to it (yikes!)...

Your words right here make me very excited. I can only hope I feel the same way that you do at the end of the next week! and your clothes are feeling looser? I have been meaning to ask you if you could tell a difference in that regard...I already know that your stamina has gotten better (and not just b/c you kicked a HOMER!)

::raises glass:: TO BOOT CAMP 2009!!!

Susan said...

it is NOT horrible that you hope it kicks his butt. I'm bringing your dad as soon as I can. (of course he'll probably do great)

This is a very encouraging entry because I had a hard time at the end of the one mile run. I mean, VERY hard.

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow, but this makes me feel better....hopefully I'll see improvements like you have.

*raises her glass o' water along with Jaimie to BOOT CAMP 2009!*

Susan said...

RE your note: You're a very good motivator. Thanks. I needed that.

Susan said...

Hey girl,

Just seeing your note about the turkey. I haven't tried it yet. I put Morningstar ground "beef" in my pasta for lunch today and I need to get the sausage. Jaimie said Andy made her some turkey meatballs. so....looks like I need to pick up some turkey from the store.

Today wasn't too bad! It was hard, but not bad. I think I'm going tomorrow morning.

Susan said...

Missing posts from you. I'm interested to see how you're feeling in your last week of Boot Camp. Better than when you started? Happy that it's almost over?

C'mon, you're our Boot Camp Scout!