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Friday, September 26, 2008


So, maybe I've mentioned it once or twice. Maybe more than that. But things are officially getting serious. 

In 21 days....ahem, THREE WEEKS, I'll be putting one foot in front of the other for a whopping SIXTY miles. 60. Sesenta. 10 X 6. And I'll be living here:

I don't have cancer. But I know how it can affect families. And I know firsthand (and recently) what it's like to wait for test results as a family member goes through the waiting game of wondering if they have cancer--and then finding out, yes. They do. And it's hard and it sucks. Alot. I don't want my son to go through this. Or my husband. Or anyone. 

This is why I'm walking. This is why I have 21 days to break in my shoes, pack my bags, and take my poor, they-didn't-sign-on-for-this feet for the walk of a lifetime. The walk of L-I-F-E, in fact.

I've raised  $2,310 so far. Not for my travel expenses or anything like that. For the cause. For research, for education. For breast cancer--or rather for fighting it. But, I want MORE. I'm greedy like that. If you're still with me, do me a favor,

Consider donating -- please! Or consider donating again

Here's the breakdown: I know that about 150 different people (or at least different computers) come to my blog every week (and how awesome is that, by the way). 

Anyhow, that's a lot of people who can put me at my goal of $2,500 super quick. Just think if each one of you donated only $5. Seriously, $5 -- like a Subway sandwich. A coffee. An InStyle magazine. I mean, I lose $5 in my sock drawer without realizing it. Please, lose $5 on this. 

If that happened, I would be way past my goal. Waaay past. Like, I would immediately raise my goal so that I had a new one. Really, $5. What is that, like $0.16 a day for a month or something? You could even do $10 and go nuts. Or $25....ooooh. Go nuts. For the love of pink tennis shoes, go flippin' nuts. It's for a good cause. A great cause. A tax-deductible cause! 

Whether you're a dear friend or a dear lurker out there in Blogland, I would love to hear from you. Hear from you as in, cha-ching! Let your money talk. Let it speak loud and mother freakin' proud.

I want my bold statement to be really bold. I want to think of all those dollars as I'm spooning Natasha in our pink tent. 

If you've read this far, then you've made it through the hardest part--my pitch. All you have to do now is the link and donate for pink, baby! Do it for your moms, grandmothers, sisters, wives, or daughters that might really, really thank you someday. And I'll thank you immediately. And will think of you as I'm covering up blisters in a few weeks with something called 'moleskin.'

That's it. My pitch. Now, get busy with the Benjamins, baby.

Help me reach my goal for the Philadelphia Breast Cancer 3-Day!


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome picth - we are SOOOO close!!!

- juli

BonnieAnn said...

Wow! Awesome fund raising effort. I think you're going to make it to your goal for sure! I just went online to help the cause.

Good luck, be sure to tweet the walk.