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Monday, September 1, 2008

9 months and on the move....

The months go by sooooo fast. Riley's a big, strong, funny 9-month old boy. His personality is raging, just ask anyone who has been around him. He loves people and will try to interact with anyone that comes near him. Crawling and cruising, he's also getting very used to bumping his head on all kinds of things. We try to catch him when we can, but sometimes, you just gotta fall. He's surviving. ;-)

At last week's 9-month checkup he weighed in at an impressive 22.25 lbs, putting him in the 80% on weight, down from the 90th at his 6-month weigh-in. He's also 27" long, making him a short and stubby little lad. Gotta love that. Head is hanging in at 100% so just try to find a bigger baby head out there.

All in all, a joy. We love Mondays when we head to Gymboree and he can socialize. It's so cool to see how he's progressed on the various ramps and activity stations. Love it! Love him....to pieces.

Here are the 'official' 9-month shots -- you'll see his new skill of making faces: