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Monday, September 8, 2008

Adults only

For the second week in a row we headed out of town yesterday --this time for a quick overnight in Dallas...without Riley. It was our first baby-free trip and I have to say it was a success. It was great for Kevin and me and to remember that we are husband and wife and not just parents. It was round 2 of Counting Crows/Maroon 5. (We didn't really realize the concerts were two weeks in a row when we purchased them. Luckily, it worked out!)

This time the concert was supposed to be with Jimmy & Mike, but poor Mike had a case of severe allergies so we took his 21-yr-old son instead. He was missed, but it was fun to hang out with Ryan. It was his first 'real' concert and he loved it.

Here's some family pics before we headed out. (It was game day, if you didn't catch on!)

The concert was uh.maz.ing. Probably the best Counting Crows concert I've ever seen. It must be that venue because my other favorite performance was also there a couple of years ago. Or maybe it was our front row seats. We actually had third row seats, but as soon as the lights went down they let us run up and grab the front views. 

Maroon 5 was good stuff again and I got some great pics for Jimmy. Counting Crows...sigh. Their music just speaks to me and always has. I know it sounds so cheesy, but it's really, really true. I've loved them since I first heard 'August & Everything After' in 1993. I love that every show they do is different and you never know what songs you'll hear. And I love how passionate Adam is about his band and music. Always. He doesn't ever lose enthusiasm (although he does lose his mind sometimes, apparently). 

Last night Adam let us know that they decided they would chill out and do an acoustic set. Loved.it. They played 'Anna Begins' --my favorite--which pretty much guarantees I'll love anything else. I swear the proximity to the stage and the music and the great night and great people, it was practically spiritual for me. I was ec-freakin'-static. And I know I'm a dork for saying it, but a couple of the songs brought a little tear to my eye. Yes, I'm that into it and I will own that. Here a few pics--I took about 150 in all. 

Adam Levine kept coming to our side and posing for us. 

Some highlights from the Counting Crows...

Saying goodbye with Augustana:
Post-show, we went and played in various Dallas establishments and after a taxicab-drive through visit to Jack in the Box around 2:30-ish, we collapsed into bed. Today, we woke up and Mike & Jimmy made everyone a great 'breakfast' that we devoured at 1:30 pm. Some quick shopping and back to home. A total whirlwind --the fastest 24-hrs ever, but fun, fun, fun. FUN! And returning to our little man was even better. He had a good time with his various grandparents, but he was so excited to see us and we couldn't squeeze him enough. A perfect weekend to be sure. 

We went to a bar and they had this much toilet paper in there...a first. And I loved it.

Kevin apparently did not approve of the venue's rule that prohibited ramming your body into fellow concert goers. 

Here's Riley & my dad hanging out while we were gone:

P.S. Riley can clap now. Yay for clapping!


Anonymous said...

So the Kevin flip off picture is the best because it looks like "I'm a preppy nerd but I'm pissed I can't mosh." Love it.


Anonymous said...

Love the baby, Love your shirt!! ;o) ~JEL