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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Water baby.

Wondering what's up with the precious little man who shares our house? 

This week Riley begins his second week of ISR lessons. This picture above is Riley and me on the first day of lessons last week--before he knew just what he was getting into! If you aren't familiar, ISR=Infant Swimming Resource. These are hard core swimming lessons designed to teach young babies and children how to save themselves--or rather, buy some time--in the event they fall into a pool or other body of water. 

It's pretty crazy, and really hard work for him. He goes 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Supposedly, this reinforces what they learn and helps them from fatiguing. Obviously, it's a technique you hope your baby never actually has to use, but we thought it was worth it for him to learn...just in case.

We've been wanting to enroll Riley for awhile now, but the nearest instructor was over 30 minutes away, and since we go 5 days a week, the distance was kind of a big deal. Now, we have a great instructor who teaches only 10 minutes away. Hooray! Honestly, he's not loving his time in the water. But he's happy before and after and still loves baths, so we're confident we aren't giving him some kind of crazy aversion to water. 

Here's a cool video of an infant who has learned the technique. Pretty powerful stuff! Want to learn more about ISR? Check out their website: www.infantswim.com


Lopez said...

Bring your video camera!! Post a video!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree - I want to see the Riley man swim-float-swim - so cool!

- juli

Andrea said...

As soon as he quits crying every lesson, I will post footage! ;-)