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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Okay, I officially suck at blogging. Dare I say life is getting in the way of my fun? The short update is that there is no update. The house is showing pretty well, but still nothing in the way of offers or solid leads. Boo. We are SO over house selling. So over it that we need a new word for 'over.' BUT, we are staying optimistic and keep telling each other that something has to happen soon. MUST. HAPPEN. SOON.

So, let's see. Other than our slow-selling abode... Kevin is actively working to get the lease in place for Taste, part deux. We have a very cool location picked out that should be about 8 billion times better than the previous. Once we get past the hump of construction and rebuilding clientele, this will be nothing but positive. Many updates to come as the actual construction starts to unfold, but as of now, more waiting. Does someone think we need to learn patience or what?!

The timing is great in one regard... Kevin being home has allowed me to take on a couple of writing projects. So, while Kevin has lots of down time, I have much to accomplish. Things are busy in my little freelance world. A well-timed occurrence to be sure! We are heading to Tulsa later this week for a quick overnight to do background research on a big writing assignment and I'm also doing an awesome project for the Department of Tourism. 

Things are cookin'! For the low-down on Ri-guy, check out the next post. He's learning to swim...or at least to float. 


Lopez said...

Everything is coming together...once you have the business off the ground, your house will sell...then you don't have all of the stress of moving, construction, new business all at once!

House selling is so naff!