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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hurry up and wait.

So, house-selling for us goes a little something like this....

1. Get the call that a showing is scheduled. (or in the case of this week, three are scheduled)
2. Freak out and get happy.
3. Start scrubbing the house. I take this part very seriously. I have to feel like I've done everything in my power to sell our house so I clean. And clean. And clean.
4. Collapse into bed with aching back and mostly clean house.
5. Wake up and finish cleaning.
6. Kick Riley and Kevin out of the house so I can clean alone. 
7. Join aforementioned husband and child so we can go run errands, eat, or do whatever else sounds interesting for the half-hour or so we have to leave. 
8. Return to house and enjoy the pristine state for 30 seconds until Riley unleashes his 17-month-old energy on all he touches. 
9. Wait. 

We are in a state of 'wait.' It's this full-on freakout to try and impress the total strangers coming to visit and then... Will a second showing come? An offer? Nothing? Sometimes, the realtors will leave feedback and then you get to discover some insight that is encouraging, some that is discouraging, and some that is just plain stupid, like 'I loved everything about the house. It was perfect. Except. Well... we really hated the placement of your toilet paper holders.'

Okay, so no one has actually said that. But it's practically that ridiculous sometimes. 

Here's hoping that something magical happened for a buyer or two in the last day or so. But in the meantime, we wait. And we clean....just in case.


Susan said...

Maybe I need for someone to "show" my house so I'll give it the good cleaning it needs!!

I'm dying to clean my house, top to bottom, but time...I need time. And sleep. I need sleep.

I'm keeping good thoughts for you guys!

Lopez said...

Your house will sell...it's gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I wish I could see how pretty your house must look! Jack's school has been having copious sandbox time, so I have been in cleaning overdrive trying to keep the sand at bay - oh, and it is German Shepherd shedding season. Oh, and there are head lice at Jack's school - all in time for Wendy and Randy's vsiit this weekend! - Juli

Anonymous said...

Any bites?