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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life in the forest

We are hanging out in the land of cliches. You know when everything in your life is sucking to such a degree that everyone whips out the thoughtful sayings that make it better? "This is all happening for a reason--you just can't see the forest for the trees." or maybe, "Everything you're going through will only make you stronger."

I know it's all true and I trust the process, and yes, I know this will all be in the past before long, but geeeeeesh, the only saying I'm living by right now is "When it rains, it pours." I can't comment on the latest and greatest debacle to enter our existence, but it's of the legal variety and a total pain. More like a splinter. Painfully ANNOYING. Here's hoping it goes away quickly and doesn't fester.

Oh, and for those who haven't heard, I dropped my $400 iPhone in the toilet. I'll spare you the specifics if not only to say all the heat, rice, and drying out in the world isn't helping that sucker. It's dead. D.e.a.d. Yep, nothing like needing to replace an expensive phone to help those with financial woes. I'm pretty sure the next one will not be a 16Gb.


So, the house has been on the market, "officially," for almost two weeks and it feels like about two years. I'll explain:

Selling your house is like going to high school every day when you have a crush on a guy. You can never let your guard down, you overthink your outfits, and you pray to the good lord above that you put plenty of product in your hair. You feel like you always have to look super-hot just in case you happen to bump into him on your way to the water fountain in-between 2nd and 3rd period.

It's the same -- just more adult-ish. Dishes have to be put away, bathrooms spotless, toys off the floor. If only for the small chance that on any given day, somewhere around 10:30 or 11 a.m. your agent calls and says, "I have someone who wants to do a showing at 12:30." Does this happen? Oh, heck yes, it does. Last time we were selling I actually had someone start unlocking my door while I was standing on the other side of it, still in my pajamas with the morning dishes hanging out in the kitchen. Totally not planned at all. I promptly told them they needed to leave immediately and literally pushed the door back in their faces. Super-welcoming, right? Not so much. Shockingly, they didn't buy the house. Then there was the call from the realtor saying another agent was sitting in the driveway and could they come in. Um, yeah, sure can. With an appointment. I'm a planner and last minute just does not work for me.

All of this happened when I was pregnant and I thought it was a challenge because of the nausea. Ha! Trying it with a 14-month old is a whole new adventure. So, I guess I should actually feel lucky that we've only had a couple showings? At least I'm not scrambling to load up the car with a laundry basket of everything I didn't have a chance to put away (this happened last time too). Yeah, but I don't feel lucky. I feel like I'm waiting for the hot guy from history to walk by my locker. I mean, seriously, how long can I hold this pose?


Anonymous said...

Sorry it is so sucky. I remember moving from our loft on south street to our little rental house when I was 9-months+ pregnant - no selling, just moving and that sucked. Then, buying one house, having that deal collapse, then searching for another one while the crazy people who owned the rental house were showing it and I was breastfeeding a 3-week-old Jack... then, ahhhh - finding, buying, renovating a house and moving with a baby. ALL sucked. Moving, selling, juggling and struggling - there are no platitudes that help. I remember those days and just wanting everyone to leave me alone or just to escape to somewhere fun and not talk about it. In one way or another - we feel your pain - but I can profer no advice. Hang in there.


Jade said...
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