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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Say Cheese!

All three Millers have been sick this week, so I guess it's lucky that showings were sparse. I don't know what potential buyers might have seen... Blech!

On Saturday, Riley, Brandi, and I (Kevin was in bed sick) headed to Tulsa for a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party for Crystal's three-year-old son, Dylan. (Catch all that?) It was a much-needed break from reality and so fun to see a few of my oldest and best friends from college. If I had to do it again, I would have packed an overnight bag because we had to force ourselves to head home. 

The Mouse House was not my favorite, but Riley seemed to dig it. Here's a few shots of his visit to the germ warehouse formerly known as Showbiz. 


Lopez said...

Ahhh...Chuck E. Cheese...good times!!!
He is looking so grown up...is he five now? It seems like that long since I've seen him...

Anonymous said...

Chuck-E-Cheese - hell on earth. Jack and I have logged a lot of hours there - heaven for him, hell for me. Although it is fun to see him having a good time! Sorry you all have been sick.

- juli