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Monday, December 29, 2008

Perform, clown!

When I post, I post. I'm following up merriment with baby training. As referenced in the post below, Riley has started smiling on demand. Not sure how he learned this, but it's funny! We're also attempting to teach him 'earmuffs' --as in Old School. As of now, he does one hand most of the time and both about 50% of the time. We've been doing eyes, nose, mouth, and when we got to ear, we couldn't resist. Um, yeah...we train our baby. 

I should also point out that the tongue sounds he's making are his version of toots. He started cracking up every time these sounds naturally came from his body that he's been recreating them and then laughing at their humor. So, while it sounds like he's just spitting, know that it's much more than that.

(You can also check out the line that goes straight down his face in this video. Riley fell face first into a bookcase when we were playing in his new tunnel that he got for Christmas. Poor baby.) 


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I posted some pics of Jack and his friend Chris at the Please Touch Museum. If you make it back up - we will have to go - it is new, improved and AWESOME for the kids. - Juli