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Monday, December 29, 2008

And to all a good night...

Hmmm, perhaps my New Year's resolution should be blogging more consistently? I'll work on it. For now, I'll pass along some pictures from our crazy Christmas. Christmas is always crazy, but I've decided that we are not the only ones that experience this insanity. In fact, I think most people do. So, I'm trying to become better at embracing the ridiculousness of the running around trying to visit everyone and attempt to enjoy it as much as possible, while still stopping to catch my breath every now and then. 

Having said that, the Christmas that will always be remembered as the holidays of the recession were wonderful. We had so much fun with Riley and being around our families. If I've said it once, I've said a hundred times, we are so, so, lucky and thankful for all we have.

The presents were many, the food was much. Good times had by all. Perhaps the best part? Kevin being home for many days in a row. Love it.

Here's Riley saying, "Let's get this, people."

Christmas Eve at Dad & Susan's. Riley is applauding the talking puppy while Aunt Jaimie and Uncle Andy look on with appreciation at his immense talents. 

Dad, Susan, and their totally pimp ice cream maker, gifted by the Millers. That's us. 

Jadyn reading the world's largest and most random anatomy book. Merry Christmas, now study. Perhaps she'll appreciate this unusual gift in college?

Christmas morning at the home of Kevin's parents. This was my sixth Christmas with them and they still ask me if I like grits at Christmas breakfast. Now they have to--it's tradition at this point. I told Jaimie I would bag up my portion and pass them on to her. She was pleased. Too bad, I didn't. Aside from being grits pushers, the Millers are awesome in-laws and are so great to me. 

Christmas afternoon--preparing to head to our second stop of Christmas Day. I had to include these because Riley has learned to smile on demand. As in we say, "Riley, smile!" and then he does this exaggerated crazy smile face. These are evidence of that. Our son is such a nut. 

Christmas evening--the final celebration. Kevin prepares by getting out these huge things and attaching the trash bag to our kitchen counter. He likes to be super sure that no bag will touch the floor, or something. Love his overkill. You should have seen him hanging a picture for me last night. NASA should be calling soon....

Ethan, Jadyn, and Riley in what may be Riley's coolest present--his ball pit. He loooooves it. Alot. He looks like he does not appreciate their big bodies taking up all of his space. Ethan is holding his cool new handheld video camera. My mom always picks out the best presents. She takes so much time and puts so much thought into selecting things we'll love. It always makes for the best time because we LOVE it all--always. Love her.

Riley enjoying the pit. (We will be purchasing more balls.)

"Argh! Insane, picture-taking mom--have a ball."

I should also mention that 2008 has marked the year I've decided to try baking. I'm starting to really like it and I seriously thought that was never a remote possibility. Here is a picture of my sprinkle thumbprint cookies with icing. They are delish. 

Until next Christmas....