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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beginning, again.

It's a new year! So here I am with what will probably be one of four posts I'll manage to get out in 2011. There was no exciting "blog more" resolution so sad-to-say I'm not going to make some crazy proclamations about how well I'll do at updates. BUT, I have to keep chugging along. One of my favorite things to do is to look back at the early posts from 2007 and see how things were and where we were and what house we lived in. Now, it's a quick picture and our lives in bullet points. Way too busy living life to write about it!

Everything is fast these days... we have a four-month-old. Wow. He's a third of a year old! Too fast. Way. Too. Fast. He's a doll baby with the sweetest personality and a smile to match. We all just adore this perfect little guy that has blessed our world. Our 3-yr-old is pretty amazing himself. One of the funniest kids I've ever met (and I'm not at all biased). He keeps us laughing and happy all the time. His mastery of the English language is for real. His mastery of the potty--not so much. But, we're making some great progress. I would say...75% there. He switched classes at school and it improved his behavior by a landslide so I'm guessing it was the right decision. (Although he talks about his old classmates and how much he misses them. Sad.) He's also in gymnastics and adjusting to yet another teacher telling him what he can and cannot do. Get used to it, kid.

In professional news...tonight marks the last night of work on what can only be called, one of the longest projects ever. Throw pregnancy and baby-havin' into a construction site and 6-months later you'll have a finished house. The house, however, is awesome. Our best yet to be sure. I MUST share pictures. It's insane. AND, I will be listing it as my first listing (yaaaay) so I've been spending lots of time learning my real estate ropes.

Things are cranking. Big time. We are working on moving...yet again....and getting our current house on the market. So between selling the flip, selling this house, and renovating the next, I'm thinking 2011 is going to be pretty bad-a. I'm excited for it.

Here are a few Christmas pics: (and coming up next, a post with Asher's pictures...months 2-4)


wattcass said...

whoa man, i'm really starting to see andy in riley, esp in that one of him at the fireplace with the hat on...precious. -cass