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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Asher: Four Months Old

Asher, Month Four

Not sure on weight/length right now, but you're easily wearing 6-12 month outfits and making mommy very sad that she bought all of those summer clothes in that size... You sleep like a champ and I can put you in bed wide-awake and you'll fall asleep--usually without a peep. In the morning, you wake up happy, but that quickly turns into FEED ME RIGHT NOW. We love you so much, Asher Boo.

  • Mommy (You are a real-deal momma's boy. Daddy tried to put you to bed the other night and you flipped. Must change this soon, but I love that you love me.)
  • Your swing. Riley never loved the swing, but man, you will fall asleep in there in a second.
  • Toys! You've discovered your hands and then realized you could do things with them. We love watching you grab at brightly colored toys and chewing them like mad. 
  • Milk. (Not that you have a lot of choice...you're still on a mom-only diet, but solids are a doctor's checkup away and we know you'll be loving them!)
  • Bibs. Okay, I don't know if you love them, but we do. They keep your shirts from getting soaked from all that drool and spit-up that's a constant with you.
  • Tummy time. Nope, you hate it. Riley was rolling over by two months but you just kind of float there like a big chunky Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float. I know you would roll if you didn't weigh so much!
  • Baths. Funny thing about you... You don't dislike a lot and you rarely get upset, but when you are upset, you show it. Alot. And baths....well, we think if you had the means you would stab us in the face. You are not a fan. 
  • That's honestly all I can think of. You are the easiest baby I've ever met. 


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