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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wow. It is so crazy how fast life can change. Try to predict it and something will swoop right in just to let you know you're not in control of a darn thing.

Saturday was an awesome day. Wait--revise. Saturday started as an awesome day. We had long-standing plans to head up to Tulsa for the birthday party of one of my best friend's daughter. We were so excited. Birthday parties like this are especially fun because I get to see my long lost college friends and hanging out with them is one of my favorite things in the world--and it doesn't happen often enough.

The party was so much fun (minus the tire blowout we had on the turnpike on our way up. Kevin had to spend most of the party getting our tire repaired for the way home. And we thought this was the big crisis/event of the day.)

After the party, we were at Crystal's house hanging out with the kids and husbands and Robin and we all decided to order Chinese. I hopped in the car with Crystal and Robin and off we went to retrieve the order. But, before we made it inside the restaurant, Crystal's phone rang. And here is where life changed.

Robin and I were eavesdropping on a conversation that was quickly freaking us out.

"...Christy?...I don't know where she was...wait, what happened?....Beau?...kicked...what?...what?...oh my God...oh my God."

Robin and I were freaking out trying to figure out what happened. Crystal immediately called Christy (another one of our friends who hadn't made it to the party that day.) And it was then we learned the horrifying news:

Beau (Christy's son who is almost exactly one month younger than Riley) was at Christy's parents house and was kicked in the head by a horse. He had been life-flighted to Saint Francis hospital in Tulsa where he had undergone brain surgery. He was in critical condition. He might not live.

We all fell silent. Then we all grabbed hands and started to cry and pray. It felt unreal. We rushed back to Crystal's house to tell our husbands the news, then we got right back in the car and sped to the hospital.

Christy's mom took us back to Beau's room in PICU. And seeing that little man on the bed was one of the worst experiences of my life. We sat together. Talked. Cried. Tried to change the subject. We heard the story and the details and shuddered. Christy told us the first 72 hours were the most critical and that if he survived those days, there was hope.

This was Saturday. Today, is Thursday. I've never seen so many people rally around one little boy. The prayer response is the most overwhelming thing I've ever witnessed. It's intense and uplifting and every other word I could think of. And the best part is that it's working.

Beau is making amazing strides. They were hoping to get him off the respirator by the end of the week and he was off on Tuesday night. He's being weaned off his pain meds and is completely off his paralyzing meds. He is talking, trying to move, and improving every minute. And today, he was taken out of ICU and moved to a regular room. The doctors are surprised and Beau is surpassing expectations.

But he has such a long, long way to go. 30% of his brain is showing no signs of activity and the extent of his damage is still undetermined. The left side of his body has been pretty unresponsive. Brain swelling is still a real possibility and could result in paralysis or worse. There are so many scary unknowns and I can't imagine being in the place of my friend and handling with the grace that she is showing. She is my hero.

I tell you all of this because it's been all-consuming for me lately. I think and pray for this little boy constantly. I'm on my knees for him any chance I get. Because it makes me feel better; because there's nothing else I can do; and most of all, because it's working. And I tell you about Beau because I hope you'll join the hundreds of people praying for his recovery. I have faith that his recovery will be complete and total. That the titanium plates holding his tiny little skull together will be a tough-guy story to tell his friends. That life will not be permanently altered for my sweet friend and her precious family.

Please pray for Beau--for his complete and total healing. For Christy and her husband Zach--for strength, for energy, for rest, for faith. For her parents who feel so guilty over what was nothing more than a tragic accident. And for the doctors who are the human hands doing God's amazing work. A website has been set up with daily updates and pictures our our little fighter. If you'd like to follow Beau's recovery or leave a message for the family, please visit: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/beaukyledavis

I can't wait until I'm back here telling you the entire family is back home where they belong.