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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A failure no more!

Well, 15 hours without food, 4 blood draws, and 3 hours at the hospital and I can officially say that I do NOT have gestational diabetes! Wheeeee! I hope I never have to take that test again in my life! It was not fun at all. But, good results so I'll take it. 

We went to the specialist today for our monthly ultrasound and another happy report comes with that visit. Our little guy is thriving. The fluid on the kidneys is completely gone, he is measuring a whopping 10 days ahead, and weighs 2 lbs already. Although I'm not happy about the cord situation, it is so great to see his face every month in high-rez 3D. Very, very cool. The doctor says he has hair already and he reminds me a lot of Kevin. They have matching chins! I've said all along that this will be the Kevin baby. Big at birth, big in life. So far, my theory is right on track. I'm also predicting early delivery, in case you're keeping track! This doesn't exactly excite me because my preparation level for baby's arrival is pretty much at -10. We have so much to do in 2 months. Ack!

We've been having such a fun summer so far (even though it's hotter than hot). We took Riley to his first real movie at the theater last Friday to see Toy Story 3. Great movie and great day! He was so excited and good. You can tell we aren't mall people by the fact that we parked at Macy's to cut through to the theater and when we walked inside the store he said "Cool movie!" Um, no buddy... This isn't a movie! Ha ha. He's hilarious. He loved the movie and clapped and said "yay!" when Woody and the gang made it through a particularly dangerous moment.  

Here's a couple of pictures from his big boy movie experience:

Other than this, we are in full-on real estate mode. We are set to close on our Piedmont flip in about a week and are also in the process of purchasing two more houses within the next two weeks. My poor husband is about to be a very, very busy man. I'm about 1/2-way through my real estate course so as soon as I finish that I will hopefully have two houses to list! And, you know, have a baby somewhere in there. No big whoop.


not so zen momma said...

Good news about GD and the kidneys!

Yeah, West's room still isn't finished. He is definitely spending more time in the bassinet than Van did - and that's okay with me. :-)