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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eye of the beholder

Word on our oh-so-exciting second showing? They're thinking about it. Gag. That's what my mom used to say before the answer inevitably was 'no.' Don't get my wrong, I continue my efforts at optimism, just not very successfully.

One of the most humorous things about this joy ride of home-selling is reading the realtors comments post-showing. Yes, we get to read feedback. And sometimes, I wish I hadn't heard a thing.

Curious about what could turn-off our potential buyers? I present,

Things people hate about our house:


This is probably the most often heard dislike and this one, I actually understand. We are out of Oklahoma County, though still technically in Edmond (and in Edmond schools), but some people can't deal with the distance. Our biggest obstacle. I have little doubt that this is what has kept our house on the market for 4 months.


Believe or not, this extremely, offensively long hallway is our second most-heard complaint about our house. Are people lazy? Do they appreciate more compact houses? Who can say...but this hallway is turning buyers off. Who knew.


Okay, I also understand this one. Although I don't see it as a huge deal. We have an oil well across the street. It's very well-contained, but I guess considered an eye-sore. Fine. I don't even think about it, but I guess buyers are hyper-sensitive to it. I actually like it when it runs sometimes at night. Kind of soothing. But whatev. People dislike it. (Wonder how the peeps across the street feel with it in their backyard....good luck selling your house someday!)

Those are the biggest complaints we hear, but I had to throw in these too. A couple crack me up, alot.

HUGE BACKYARD: (One man's positive is another man's negative. A lazy man.)

TOO MANY KIDS PLAYING IN THE STREETS: (these aren't actual kids from my neighborhood, I have to say. And this one might be my favorite complaint. Perhaps, because I kind of agree. Even though it's hateful.)


A TEENY-TINY MASTER CLOSET (please note my dripping sarcasm. This picture represents less than HALF of our apparently shoebox-size closet. Yep, tiny.)

All of this to say, these complaints--some valid to me, some trivial--prove one thing. We really are in a buyers' market and people have time and inventory to be picky. Our second showing peeps didn't like the big backyard and oil well. So, we just have to hope that everything else they did like overrule those things. And I didn't mention all the positive things we hear--and there are lots of those too.

Either way, someday soon, it will stick for someone. The odds tell us it's true! But in the meantime, it really is entertaining to hear the complaints.


Lopez said...

I've never thought of your hallway as super long before. Hmmm...

the only 'complaints' I happen to agree with on there are the kids (they really need to be locked up, they do) and the distance. Other than that, your house is amazing--layout, yard and decoration. oh, except your shoe-sized closet!


Anonymous said...

Ummm, were there two little twin girls in pinafore dresses riding very slowly up the hall on big wheels? Does all work and no play make Andrea a dull girl? Is there a ghost bar in that place and do you have a wordly-wise caretaker who looks after it in the off-season? Hmmm, if none of the above applies, then I think I would just go with the market. Your house is awesome and I am sorry it has DRAGGED on like this for y'all.