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Thursday, May 28, 2009

As promised, a video clip from Riley's ongoing Infant Swimming Resource lessons. This is about 2 minutes of his 10-minute lesson last week. It's horrible lighting. (I should have been on the other side.) It gives a better idea at least of how he's doing.

This clip is his instructor taking him through some different exercises of how he could fall in the water, different angles, etc. Marcy has been working on stopping him from kicking so much during his back floats as you'll see him do lots here.

If you watch through the end you can see her burping him a little and then he puts his hand on his hand and says "Daddy ate it." At least he keeps his sense of humor during his lessons. Such a silly one.

He's progressed a lot even from here. This week we've been practicing floats with him fully clothed. Today we did summer clothes and shoes and tomorrow we're doing full winter gear. Better videos to come!


Lopez said...

Yay! Riley Floats!!!