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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Remember the Millers?

Once again, very behind on the updates! What can I say? Life just gets in the way of my devotion to blogging. We've had lots of out-of-towners and things going on so we are just busy enjoying our summer with family and friends. The Miller household has been full of fun and life!

First in a series, here are the official 8-month pics of Mr. Riley. He's getting so big and active. His version of crawling is an army-style arm pull. It seems like a totally exhausting way to get from here to there, but it works for him. I wish he knew how much easier it could be.... He goes in for his 9-month checkup later this month, but when we popped into the doctor's office earlier this month, we found out he is weighing in at 22 lbs. He does seem to be getting a little longer, but I have to say that I'm getting pretty strong lugging his sturdy little body around everywhere!

It's getting kind of tricky getting him to 'pose' with his sign so I'm attempting to prop it up nearby. It begins as nothing but fun.


And then mom takes away your 'toy.' Sadness ensues...

And although part of the official shoot, here's a nice little peek at some rapidly growing teeth. The latest count is E-I-G-H-T!!! Whoa.


Anonymous said...

Eight Months. Wow...Where does the time go?? We are going to be celebrating his birthday before we know it!!!! ~JEL

Susan said...

AW...look at that sad little face!!

I can't stand it. Give it back!!!