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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy BELATED B-day, Kevin!!!

So Kevin's birthday was last week...Poor Kevin, he can't even get props on his own blog on his birthday. It seems like this is the year of the non-birthday. Usually, our family celebrates them pretty well, but Kevin's kind of came and went without too much fanfare. We did have a small, impromptu gathering with a couple of his friends while Mr. Jimmy was in town. That was really fun! I hope Kevin wasn't too disappointed with his somewhat boring birthday...

He did get some very fun presents though. I had a blast going through Blue 7 and picking out random fun stuff--like this silly card from Uncookedland:

Other highlights from his wife (ahem--me) & Riley include a Kurt Cobain action figure (I mean, really, who doesn't want that?)

And this totally kick-ass (so I'm told) Universal Miter Saw Stand. He saw it on "Cool Tools" and let me just tell you it was fun hauling it through Lowe's!

The Lopez gang gifted him some super-rad Kleenex boxes with pictures of Riley on the side. Very sweet. He loved them! And his sister sent some awesome Yuengling gear. If only they could send the actual beer... We can't wait to drink some down in October when we arrive for the big 3-day walk. Mmmm. Now that's motivation.

So, those were the highlights, along with some yummy desserts all around... Safe to say, Kevin is loved--birthday or otherwise. I love you, my sweet husband! (And next year, I promise, MUCH festivity--many presents, and fanfare for days.)


Anonymous said...

The card cracked me up!!! Kevin was much thought of--and MUCH LOVED on his birthday!!! Next year...there will be no stinky school to get in the way of festivities on our side!!! ~JEL

Susan said...

Yeah...Emily didn't even let him blow out the Budda. *sigh*

Poor Kevin, indeed.

And I told J that this seems to be the year we give bday gifts like, a month after the fact. (We did it to her too, bleh)

So when he least expects it...BAM....Bday gift for the Kevster and he'll be so surprised.

Happy BDay Kevin!