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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pregnancy, Schmegnancy!!

Argh! Even I'm getting tired of hearing myself complain... I can't think of many body parts that aren't aching, but I'm sure it's probably down to my eyelashes and maybe my ears. Between the pains of my growing abdomen and the heartburn, shortness of breath, and lack of sleep, I don't know how Kevin handles my groaning.

Did I mention that we're 31 1/2 weeks along? Even as much as I'm tiring of pregnancy, I still can't believe how close it is! And we're so lucky that everything is going so smoothly and we have a very strong, alert little boy coming our way in less than 2 months. We have a lot to be grateful for!

So, instead of focusing on the negative (which can be easy to do when you've gained 34 pounds), I now present....

The top 10 things I miss about not being pregnant:
10. Non-maternity jeans and high-heeled shoes.
9. Eight (or more) hours of continuous sleep.
8. Foot rubs as a luxury and not a necessity (Kevin hates giving them either way).
7. The ability to control my emotions....kind of.
6. Being able to sit through a movie without taking a potty break.
5. Shopping for more than an hour straight without needing an oxygen tank.
4. Sleeping without 10 pillows in order to minimize heartburn and dizziness.
3. Zippers.
2. Not worrying about the future every minute of my life.
1. Miller Lite, with lime.

And now, in an even bigger effort to look on the bright side...

The top 10 things I LOVE about being pregnant:
10. Maternity clothes are the most comfortable items EVER.
9. Shopping for baby clothes rocks my world.
8. Getting to know my husband as a father-to-be.
7. The second trimester is three months of heaven.
6. It only lasts 9 (ahem, 10) months.
5. No one balks when I eat extra cake, ice cream, cookies, or steak.
4. First trimester sleep is intoxicating.
3. Ultrasounds--especially the 3D kind!!!
2. Feeling Riley move always makes me feel happy and secure.
1. The end result makes it all worthwhile.

Okay, maybe this isn't so bad after all.... It's only 8 more weeks, right???


not so zen momma said...

Do they have you on heartburn medicine? Ask your doctor for some, it works wonders!