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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finally flipped

Has it really been over a month since I've stopped in? Insane. And what a month it has been! Well, needless to say the house is FINALLY on the market. And I really shouldn't say it like that. It only took 68 days to finish from the day we signed the closing papers until the house was officially listed on the MLS. I could not be prouder of my amazingly, awesomely talented husband. He kicked some major renovating butt on this one. And we even threw in a ski trip during that time. Minus that, we would not have been quite as far off our original goal of 60 days.

Now, we just need someone to buy this place so we can move on to our next project. We've already starting submitting some offers on other properties. As a matter of fact, we found a great house a few days ago and we're currently one of EIGHT offers. So, that's obviously a long-shot. I'll keep you posted!

Here are some official "after" pics of flip #2. And lest you forget what this little house once looked like, check out the scary before pictures HERE and HERE.