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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Carnival Revisited

I never posted pictures from Riley's carnival! Bad momma... So, if you've read my previous entries then you know that I spent about a week-and-a-half on the party planning. That's some kind of record for lack of preparedness, pretty sure. But, it came together quickly and I think it turned out pretty great. It was so fun to have kids running around and food and friends and family. Loved it all.

Here are few highlights (sorry for the random order--it is so hard to upload pics in Blogger!):

***Welcome to the carnival***

***The Details***

Party Favors:

Overview of the room
(we pushed all the furniture against the walls to make the room big and open)
Count the Beans!
This was for the adults at the party.
Total amount? 1122 beans...Riley's birthdate!

The food:
Hot Dogs, Chips, Licorice, Caramel Apples, and Lots of Sodas!

More party favors.
Each kiddo had a bag with his/her name on it!

Lots of goodies at the "Refreshments" table!

Backyard Photo Booth:

Bullseye Game:

Cotton Candy
(we repackaged CC from the store and added some custom tags)

Popcorn Cupcakes
(actually marshmallows in yellow food coloring!)

Beverage Station:

Riley's Circus Peanuts
(Again, repackaged and with custom tags)

"Thank you for coming to my party!"
I glued Riley's picture to big rainbow-colored lollipops!

The amazing cake! My mom is a flippin' cake genius.
She did ALL of this, including forming the animals from fondant. She's awesome!!

And here's Riley enjoying a couple of his toys, post-party:

Until next year...


BonnieAnn said...

Holy Moley! You are officially the queen of at-home kid birthday parties. This is awesome. Riley is so lucky to have such a creative and crafty mommy.

Brandi said...

So cute! I am so sad I missed it, you outdid yourself as always. :)

Anonymous said...

So Sorry I couldn't make it...darn 2nd job! The party looked so cool. Riley is a lucky boy, you rocked this party!

My mom always did the make-your-own at-home birthday parties and they were so much more fun than the cookie cutter parties. I have some great memories from those and I'm sure Riley will too.

Way to go you!

wattcass said...

something about this takes me back to...1994 mardi gras prom prep...homecoming float...! ;) love it, love it.

Nicole Brenna said...

I just came across your blog because I am trying desperately to find the photo op and the bullseye game. Where did you buy it (it is Pottery Barn right?) They dont have them anymore... I have looked everywhere... if you know where to get them or would like to sell your please let me know.