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Monday, March 16, 2009

Suck it, Murphy.

The well-known "everything-blows" law is distributing havoc in our direction, once again. Just when you think we've been through it all, we experience this:

Now, just so we're all on the same page here. What you are resting your sweet little eyes upon is none other than a big, fat hole --in our master bedroom wall. No lie. Oh yeah, and that bubbly, uneven look the paint has? That comes from water. W-A-T-E-R. 

Here's the gist: We were enjoying the gorgeous Sunday weather in the backyard, Kevin goes to freshen up the dogs' water and the hose will not work. Weird. We look for a kink...nothing. He reconnects it. Nothing. Riley is playing the water that does manage to come out at the faucet.It's on full-blast, you know. Whatever. 

Few minutes later, I decide to go grab some scissors to clip tags off of plants (random, I know, but a key decision as it turns out). I'm opening the back door to head out and I hear water. I think bathtub and that Riley managed to turn on the water without me knowing. Egads! 

I head to the noise, open our bedroom door and what do I see? Um, water, gushing out of the wall. Gushing like we installed a faucet right there next to my nightstand. After cleaning up the mess, Kevin cuts a square of the drywall around the gushing water hole and finds the copper pipe with a nice jagged gash in it. Yeah, because I mean, really. Why wouldn't it, right?

It has little to effect to say it but, SIGH. Make it stop, already! I hate to dwell on the negative by posting yet another "FML" post, but I'm afraid if I don't document this insanity I'll never believe any of it happened. Pretty sure when things take an upward turn, I'll be blocking all of this crazy nonsense out, permanently. 

If it's nothing more than pictures of Riley, so help me, there will be a happy post. And soon. Count on it. 


Lopez said...

Wow...Water problems in houses are THE WORST...

I'm tellin' ya...you have a builder that probably needs some legal actions taken against him...