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Monday, November 24, 2008

Riley is ONE!!

I can't believe our little baby bug is one. It's crazy how fast his first year flew by. We celebrated with a monkey-themed blow-out in our house. We only invited immediate family and a few friends so it wasn't out-of-control. Just a nice celebration of our monkey man's big birthday. I had a blast putting together his decorations and trying to make his birthday unique. My mom outdid herself with the cake(s). We had a big cake and the obligatory smash cake for Riley. Check out the pics of her awesomeness. The woman is talented!

Riley did great with the attention...imagine that. He was outgoing and funny and the life of his party, just as it should be. Such an amazing little boy. I'm so proud of him and all he has learned in his short little life. We are so blessed to have him in our lives! Expect another year milestone post after our doctor's visit tomorrow. I'm so anxious to see what his poundage is ranked at these days...

Here are some highlights from the big day. For more, check out my Flickr site.

I think he thought it was a pirate theme:

Banana, lemon-line, and very cherry Jelly Belly beans:

Half of the snack table with lots of monkeys and bananas:

The high chair of honor:

The big table, minus the cake:

My version of a 'forest':

Loved the huge monkey and safari balloons!

Overview of the snack table:

Amazing cake, #1:

Amazing cake, #2:

Big cake and smash cake:

Get excited, it's cake time!

And somehow, I got no pictures of actual cake eating. 
There's a video though.

He has started 'smiling' when a camera is pointed at him:

Got the year's hottest toy and is kind of freaked out by Elmo so far. Hopefully it passes because this is one funny red monster. 

Probably distracted by a crumb or something:

Totally tired and kind of ready for it all to be over:


Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

So cute! Love the pic of him waiting for his cake - that face is priceless!
I keep thinking he'll grow into those cheeks but I think they're growing right along with him! I just wanna squeeze them!

not so zen momma said...

I can't believe it, Happy Birthday Riley! We had a "just a cake and ice cream" party too... yeah right. The first birthday is the perfect time for ultra cute decorations.

I love, love, love the Cute Cake #2!

Anonymous said...

This looks so awesome! You always make stuff so cute!! I am so sad we missed it, but we were there in spirit - monkey spirit that is.

Juli, Walker, and Jack

BonnieAnn said...

Wow, looks like you went all out. It looks fantastic!

Happy Birthday Riley!!