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Friday, August 8, 2008

Go here.

Nope. No baby pics here. Apparently this is my week for spewing out propaganda. I think it has to do with the fact that this has been a major deadline week for me. That leaves little time for anything other than time-wasting web cycling (I don't surf) once an hour for a quick distraction....yep, that's it. Just once an hour. Bu-ha. Sure.

Anyway, I'm sure plenty of you are already way in tune with the amazing website
Dooce.com. If you aren't, do yourself a favor and bookmark it. It's basically an expanded blog of one Heather B. Armstrong. I love reading her honest, funny musings and her daily Tweets. She is a smart, witty writer and a fellow mom who makes her living writing smart, witty things on her website. Geez, that must suck for her.

There's a point here...

Yesterday, she posted about
a really mind-blowing case of child abuse in Florida. I hate reading those kinds of stories because I can never get them out of my mind. But her blog entry about the story compelled me to the link she referenced and the story is, quite simply, chilling. I couldn't break away. I'm not sure what I've taken from it yet, but if you have the time, consider reading it. And then do what Heather says -- go hug your kids. Go hug anyone you love for that matter.

And consider adding a litle
Dooce to your life....if you don't already. I love that woman.

P.S. SYTYCD is officially over. ...sigh... I will miss it so.