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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

So, I've been avoiding the computer at all costs to take a break from editing. Therefore, this Father's Day post is coming atcha a day late. Probably technically more than that, but I'm still awake so it's only a day!

We had a great father's day with all of the fathers in our lives. So fun! I love all of these men and we are so incredibly lucky to have them. It's so neat to see how father relationships change over the years. I love where ours are. We love you so much!

This father's day was Kevin's first official one and let me just tell you, he deserves so much more than one day. I always knew Kevin would be a good dad. He has the nature for it--and he puts up with me so we know he has the patience! But, he has blown me away. He is the most active, loving, wonderful father that I can imagine. Riley is the luckiest little boy to have him. Kevin is the best father and I love him in such a different way now. I love him with more respect and admiration than I ever did as a boyfriend, or fiance, or husband. So many fathers are hands-off with their kids and leave the hard work to the moms. This is not Kevin. He is right in there with every aspect of raising him and I know that will pay off so much in the relationship that he has with Riley. I love it and I am so grateful and thankful and blessed to have him as a husband and father to our son.
Happy Father's Day, Kev--you are loved and appreciated!


Susan said...

OMG...I'm totally gonna cry!!! That was such a sweet tribute to Kevin. You're a wonderful wife, you know! Many women would take it for granted. You're both lucky to have one another, and Riley will reap the rewards.

Love you guys so much.