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Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Mother's Day!

Yay for Mom's Day! It was such a great weekend! We spent last night with Mom, Andy, Jaimie and the kids and the "official" day today began with a breakfast in bed, continued with an I-phone and ended with dinner at the Millers, (and cookies and goodies on the front porch from dad!!) with lots of fun in the middle. I love our moms so much and I love, love, love my boys, --big and small. I am the luckiest!!

To all the moms we know and love--Happy Mother's Day!! You deserve so much more than a day. Hope yours was as happy as ours! :-)


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous pictures!!! And I'm not just talkin' about your I-Phone! LOL

I'm so glad you had a great mother's day. You definitely deserve it and look at little Riley. That kid gets cuter every day!!

This is Susan. i have once again forgotten my google I.D.