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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5 months already!

Our little man is 5 months old today. As it turns out, today was a doctor's visit and he ended up a total fuss-pot afterwards....so, his 'official' 5 month shot will be a little late.

He is changing so much everyday and is so much fun now! His favorite things to do are be tickled, laugh, play in his exersaucer, and chew and drool on everything in sight.

  • Officially, he can roll both ways, but he doesn't know it. I've only seem him roll back to belly once and so far he can't repeat it. He's so close though. It's just that 90th percentile head holding him back.
  • He has a tooth and a half! I hear this is really early for teeth, but he has them and they are sharp! It's also quite adorable.
  • He is sleeping unswaddled!! This is a big one. We are on night three of the unswaddled adventure and so far he goes from 8pm-8am without a peep. I call that success. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about him rolling over while still mummified in that thing.
  • He was weighed at the doctor's today and he officially is at 18lbs, 13 oz. If you're keeping track that means he's gained almost 2lbs in a month. Whoa. Length is the same so that means we're expanding to the sides. Ha!

Also, we found a new doctor who is willing to compromise on our vaccines a little. He said we weren't total nutcases because we actually do want to vaccinate so he didn't mind if we spread it out a little more--as long as we ended up with all the shots. Yes, he actually said we weren't total nutcases. That means we are kind of nutcases. But we already knew that, right?

Here's an unofficial 5-month shot of our drool baby, along with one of his bigger tooth. If you look at the big version of the pic, you can definitely see it.


Susan said...

AW...he's so cute. I LOVED the 5 month age. But I'm laughing at Riley's face when you're showing us his tooth. He's so patient. lol