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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

4 Months....check!

Ri-guy turned 4 months old on Saturday and today was his official 4-month check-up at the ped.
His stats:
Weight: 16 lbs, 14 oz (75-90%)
Height: 25 1/4 inches (50-75%)
Head: 44cm (90%)

So we have a large baby, if you haven't caught on to that. The doctor says we're seeing the first signs of teething and that there are some baby teeth buds just below the surface. We are doing great on all fronts. Because he's sleeping 12 hours a night we aren't supposed to worry too much about naps for now. Guess my days won't be as productive as I hoped....

Regarding vaccines... After talking to Juli (Ph.D. in Immunology...why didn't I think of that immediately?!) and doing a TON of research, we decided that spreading out the vaccines was the way to go. I got a lot of great info from The Vaccine Book by Dr. Bob Sears that I mentioned in a previous post. It has a breakdown of each vaccine, pros/cons, and ingredient list. It was eye-opening to say the least. I slightly altered Dr. Sears' recommended alternative schedule and came up with our own.

Unfortunately, our pediatrician did not share our viewpoint on vaccines and told us today that he wouldn't do our alternate schedule. Not only that, he basically let us know that there was no point in doing it. This sucks because I really, really liked him. I did convince him to go ahead and give us only the shots that we would get had he agreed with our plan. So, instead of 6 vaccines, Riley only received 2 today and now we're set for 2 more shots at 5 months. He was a little sleepy this eve, but other than that, no effects. The kid didn't even cry when he got his shot today. Nuts!

We're on the hunt for a new pediatrician now, which is a bummer, but we feel like we made the right choice for us. I'm sure the first of many hard fights as a parent...


Juli Miller said...

These may be the cutest baby pictures that I have EVER seen!!