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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Riley's nursery ROCKS!

Since I haven't had a baby yet, I thought I would share pictures of my son's rockin' nursery. I had so much fun planning and decorating this little part of our house. It's now the only completely decorated and finished room in the house and I love to go in and sit in the glider and relax. The calm before the storm...

Before the transformation....a plain, white, and empty room (and a picture of the "before" light fixture).

Kevin working hard at cutting in on the ceiling. (I only painted at floor level.)

Kevin nails in the trim. (And a good shot of the blue ceiling!)

The completed room!!

Here's a good pic of his bedding. I designed it and my super-talented mom made it all. I LOVE how it turned out. Can't wait to see it with spit-up all over it. (Also, note the AMAZING baby blanket that Jimmy's mom made for us from a swatch of our bedding fabric. It is PERFECT!)

A not-so-good shot of the awesome valance that my mom also made. Panels are courtesy of Target. :-)

Various detail shots:

His wall shelves (ignore the generic babies!)

I finally found the perfect lamp for the table last week! It turned out to be one the trickiest things to find.

Another shot of the blue ceiling--completed. (and Kevin's skills with the new ceiling fan--he rules at home repair!)

Riley's new furry friends from Brandi and Virginia.

My Projects! Pregnancy apparently brings on craftiness! I made this bulletin board, painted the letters and painted and decorated a once very boring (and plain wood) trashcan. (pretty sure these new skills will disappear with delivery.)

The bulletin board (for tracking feedings!)

His wall letters. They took a lot of time, but I'm probably most proud of these!

And the trashcan (A similar one sold online for $50. Are you kidding me? Mine was $7.)

Still no news to report except that contractions are a way of life right now, but they seem to be getting stronger...
Sprinkle labor dust my way!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful room, nice blue ceiling, which is how I came across these pictures. I Googled Images, Blue Ceilings....