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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Riley on film...take 2!

Saturday was our second 3D/4D ultrasound and once again it was so amazing to see our little boy moving around on the big screen. We've confirmed for the second time that he does NOT approve of being probed--he avoided being seen at all costs! That's okay though, it was still fun to see the glimpses that we could and to watch him move around and feel him at the same time was awesome!

Things we know about Riley from the ultrasound:
He likes to wiggle and move--ALOT.
He likes to snuggle against me.
He has hair!!! We were able to see this!
He is chubby! Double chins and very full cheeks confirm...
He sucks on his fingers. He was going at it while we were watching him.

Here are a few of my favorites from Saturday and a short video so you can see him move around!

Here's chubby cheeks and hands and arms! His right hand is in his mouth and the left is up on his forehead.

A pretty good front shot, though his nose looks squished because of his positioning. Love his little lips!

Open mouth shot!

Love this one because of how well you can see his hand. This is open-palm out, pretty much saying, "leave me alone!"

Here's his goodbye shot with a great look at the bones in his left arm and a side view of his round little face. Count the chins with me....

And the video clip: