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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bring on June 25th!!

Kevin and I went in for the 16th week appointment yesterday and everything is still going perfectly so far! The heartbeat has slowed from it's former hummingbird status (thank you, Natasha!) and is now hovering in the 145 range. They finally gave me some medicine to keep from getting sick. (Something I could have been enjoying over the last few weeks if I had just called my doctor like Kevin repeatedly asked me to do.)

One of the medicines was one that they told me would be a little more expensive so I was thinking it might be a hundred bucks or something. Imagine our surprise when we went to the Target pharmacy and it was almost $600!!! I almost passed out right there. Needless to say, I didn't get that one.

We declined the testing for genetic disorders, mostly because I don't want to stress while waiting for the results. The first three months of pregnancy were stressful enough. I need to relax for awhile! Anyway, the ultrasound will detect anything major so we'll pray for a healthy baby and have faith in the process.

Big ultrasound is June 25th -- only 2 short weeks away! I can't wait!!!

In the meantime, another belly pic. I completely forgot to take a 14 week shot, so if you scroll back down to 12 weeks, you can see a big change in the last month! Pretty soon, these pics will be fully clothed, so enjoy the skin while you can. ;-)


Angela said...

Andrea-- I found your blog through myspace. I'm a blogger too :)

Congrats, how exciting!

-Angela aka Mrs.Solano2Be aka Mrs.Solano!

Brooke said...

The big ultrasound is so fun! We didn't find out the sex, and it was a long, hard journey. I linked your blog to my site. I'll be checking in.