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Thursday, May 3, 2007

And bean makes three!!!

Wow! So....just to make it official, I'm pregnant! If you talk to me on any kind of regular basis, this is probably news you've already heard. (Especially since I'll tell anyone who will listen!) 

Kevin and I are freaking out with excitement over this news and can't believe it happened so quickly! It was planned, but we thought it might take a few months--guess we were wrong.

As of yesterday, I'm 10 weeks along on a 40-week journey. We got our BFP (big fat positive) at 5 weeks, which I guess means I've been officially pregnant for only 5 short weeks. I have to say it feels like it's been much much longer.

Pregnancy so far has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, cravings and lots 
of nausea. I thought Iwas going to be one of the lucky ones who didn't experience 
morning sickness. Unfortunately, that was not the case! It's been full force and pretty
constant. I know it's worth it for the end result though, so that (and my saltines) 
keep me going. 

Anyone that knows me knows I couldn't go through something like this without 
making a spot on the internet for it, so this blog is that. Check back often for insane 
mother-to-be ramblings that I'm sure will pop up on an almost daily basis. And if you're on this blog, you can also prepare yourself for lots of fun TMI 
pictures of my ever-expanding baby bump.  Consider yourself warned!

(By the way, the pic above is how we told our parents and family that a baby was on the way. We included this picture of our positive HPT and watched them try to figure out the news. So fun...)


Julimi1 said...

We can't wait! We are so happy for you guys! Jack can't wait to beat up his little cousin. Wax-on- wax-off.