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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Riley's first Halloween was very low-key, but fun! We made the rounds to all the grandparents and even squeezed in a trip to Andy and Jaimie's pad for a much-needed late-night grubfest. He's a hot-natured kid  and since it ended up being close to 80 degrees on Halloween night (hello?!), we had to undress him before we put in the car and then redress him before we showed him off. I think he was over it by night's end, but he seemed to have fun rockin' his monkey.

Here are Riley's many faces:


not so zen momma said...

So unbelievably cute! Van is hot natured too, I stay away from anything fleece.

Lopez said...

I loved his costume...I love this boy!!!

Susan said...

He was the cutest monkey ever!!

Now, where is the B-Day blog??